About Us

Water City Care Mission was developed in response to Catholic Social Teaching’s Call to Family, Community, and Participation – that people have a right and a duty to participate in society, seeking together the common good and well-being of all, especially the poor and vulnerable.

Our Purpose: To promote the health and well-being of all individuals in the Oshkosh Community. 

Our Mission: To serve the Oshkosh Community by increasing access to quality health and social services.

Our Vision: All members of the Oshkosh Community will have access to quality healthcare, safe housing, nutritious food, and other resources that are essential to fulfilling their individual potential. 


Transformation We believe in urgent action, innovation, and the necessity of transformation within the community and our own organization.

Integrity – We are accountable to the people and partners we humbly serve, transparently sharing our results, stories, and lessons. 

Diversity – We know that by embracing differences, actively including a variety of voices, and joining together we can solve our community’s most complex problems.

Excellence – We challenge ourselves to the highest level of service and performance, fully drawing on our passion, determination, and creativity to create lasting positive impact.

Equality – We believe in the equal value of every human being and the importance of respecting and honoring each individual; we know that change happens through people.

Water City Care Mission is a registered non-profit, tax exempt organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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